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The company has a modest fleet of cargo handling equipment to support its operations. The fleet is well-maintained and includes 1 X 45 tonne reachstaker, 1 X 7 tonnes forklift truck, 1 X 5 tonnes 1 X 3.5 tonnes forklift truck and 1 X 40 tonne road tractor-trailer vehicle.

Kayab Maritime Services Co. Ltd. has arrangements with two service providers for the hire of additional equipment to meet shortfalls in daily operational requirements. The company has a well-equipped maintenance workshop where the equipment fleet is maintained to keep it in good shape for efficient port operations. The company also fabricates and splices simple stevedore gears for its operations.

The cargo handling operations also involve lashing and unlashing of cargo on board ships and the opening and closing of hatches. It also includes trimming of dry bulk cargoes, stuffing and unstuffing of containers. The expertise of Kayab Maritime Co. Ltd. in the cargo handling business cover a wide range of cargoes, including: containers, conventional cargoes, unpacked vehicles, machinery and equipment, iron and steel products, project cargo and dry bulk cargoes. Kayab Maritime has the experience and the infrastructure to fully support the extreme challenges of the industry. An effective logistical support system is an important prerequisite for deepwater oil and gas exploration and development.


A streamlined solution from KMSC brings bottom-line benefits. It allows you to decrease your investment in fixed assets, inject consistency, increase inventory visibility, and quickly respond to changes in demand. All of this helps reduce operating costs and better meet your service commitments. A site warehouse for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO), or indirect materials, shouldn't just be a central retrieval point to serve hundreds or thousands of maintenance and manufacturing personnel. We can help you examine warehouse strategies, and offer solutions to make them more efficient and free up premium on-site real estate.

KMSC's team can also evaluate additional warehouse locations to maximize the productivity levels of highly skilled teams. We provide a full range of warehousing capabilities designed for oil and gas producers. Whether you need off-site slow-mover storage, consolidation of materials for transport to off-shore drilling locations, or a place to house critical spares, we provide logistics systems specifically tailored to the oil and gas industry.

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