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KMSC - About Us


Kayab Maritime Services Co. Ltd. is an indigenous Ghanaian company. It was incorporated on the 26th day of January 2012, under the Company Code of Ghana (Act 179, 1963). The company's objects allow it to provide services in stevedoring, shipping, procurement, logistics and warehousing.

Kayab Maritime Services Co. Ltd. was issued with a stevedore licence by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority on the 24th of August 2012. The stevedore licence grants Kayab Maritime Services Co. Ltd. the right and privilege to undertake stevedoring and terminal operations in the Port of Tema and Takoradi. The company currently employs 35 permanent workers. It also employs a large number of casual labour through the Get Labour Company Ltd and Ghana Dock Labour Co. Ltd. to meet daily operational requirements.



KMSC is known for raising expectations for maritime and energy supply chain management. We're equally committed to responsible business practices and involvement in not just the industries we serve, but our communities as well. We believe corporate responsibility starts with the management of our own business: our approach to corporate governance, the environment in which we operate, the security, health and safety of our employees and the public, and the ethical principles we practice.

Our Mission

Provision of stevedoring and shore handling solutions to ensure the highest productivity combined with a total commitment towards zero tolerance of damage to cargo.

Ensure continuous investment in all resources required for efficient and safe delivery of cargo to clients in a timely manner.

Consistently drive highest quality warehousing to the hydrocarbon and port industries at a reasonable price.

Provide timely and appropriate management information for planning, utilization and control of resources.

Our Values

Maintain high ethical standards both in our internal operations and external relationships with all stakeholders.

Our customer base has been built up over the years on trust, reliability, honesty and providing high quality services at reasonable prices.

The Directors and staff are proud of our reputation, but not complacent. It is our intention to continue in the same vein into the future to ensure the continued success of the group and our customers.

HSE Managment Plan

Kayab Maritime Co. Ltd. takes health, safety and environmental matters very seriously. The company has a strong commitment to conduct all of its operations in full compliance with legal and contractual requirements.

The company has therefore developed an elaborate Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan which provides the framework and road map for the communication and management of its health, safety and environmental management programmes.

Environmental Managment Plan

This Environmental Management Plan (EMP) has been prepared for KMSC (KAYAB Maritime Services Company Limited) for the purpose of providing a stand-alone plan for managing the potential environmental and social impacts of upstream oil and gas operation activities within Ghana. This EMP is based on the assessments and findings of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).



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Creating value within a complete logistics solutions through innovation, quality, creativity and integrated range of Port services around Africa.